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Foundation scholarships have a variety of focuses. 

This is a matching application, meaning it will ask you a series of questions that will ‘match’ you with scholarships for which you are eligible.

Scholarship applications must be completed by students and use their email address; not a parent or guardian.
Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
3/15/2024 2:00 PM
The Foundation currently concentrates its grant making on proposals from non-profit organizations in Davie County. Proposals must benefit our citizens.

In an effort to strengthen community leadership, requests for Capacity Building and strengthening of non-profit organizations that impact these areas will be considered.

*Completion of an approved grant workshop is required to apply for a Davie Community Foundation Grant. (Workshop must be completed at least 2 weeks before the grant deadline.)
Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
8/01/2024 2:00 PM
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